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20 Benefits of Group Personal Training

Do you love workouts that are fun while also being effective? Do you thrive off of the energy of other like-minded individuals? Do you need a little extra motivation in your workout routine?

If so, we highly recommend our group personal training classes. These upbeat classes are one of our most popular offerings, with a high retention rate and an awesome group of regular members.

Here, we’ll go over the top benefits of group personal training so you can learn more about this popular workout format.


20 Benefits of Group Training


1. Enjoy Some Socialising

Humans are social beings and science proves it. Humans can reap various benefits from group training, including gaining inspiration and motivation from working out with individuals who have similar goals.


2. Eliminate the Guesswork

Planning a safe, effective workout takes knowledge of training techniques, body mechanics, and injury prevention. It also takes a significant amount of time to plan efficient workouts.

Group fitness classes take all the guesswork out of planning so you can save time and simply focus on showing up and getting results. Certified instructors also ensure a proper warm-up and cool-down, essential parts of a workout that are easy to skip if you are working out solo.


3. Take Advantage of the Kohler Effect

Did you know you are more likely to work harder when you are part of a group versus working out by yourself? This phenomenon is known as the Kohler Effect.

The Kohler Effect was discovered in the 1920s by psychologist Otto Kohler when he realised the weakest members of a rowing team worked harder in a group compared to when they rowed solo.


4. Experience An Even Bigger Endorphin Rush

For some people, one of the biggest benefits of working out is the ‘runner’s high’ that comes along with intense exercise. This rush of positive feelings is due to the release of feel-good compounds known as endorphins.

Between the positive energy of the group and increased intensity from pushing yourself harder, group fitness training can help you enjoy even more of that euphoric post-workout high.


5. Add Variety to Your Workout Routine

Do you easily get bored with solo workouts? Then keep your mind and muscles guessing with group training!

With new moves and new music in every class, each group training class will be unique. Group fitness classes are a fun way to fight off boredom and keep you excited about your workouts.


6. Connect With New Friends

Have you ever noticed that making friends was easier when you were younger? As adults, we often get stuck in the same routine that limits us from seeing the same people all the time.

Group training classes are a wonderful way to connect with other people who share common interests with you. You may be surprised how quickly other members of the class can turn into good friends.


7. Combat Loneliness

Loneliness is a surprisingly common issue. The good news is that the people you meet in group fitness classes will help you feel a great sense of social connection and support. Whether you meet a few casual friends or form lifelong connections with fellow group members, group training is a great way to combat loneliness

Exercise also releases neurotransmitters such as serotonin that can help boost your mood and decrease feelings of loneliness.

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8. Improve Your Ability to Communicate and Socialise

Another one of the benefits of group training classes is the ability to improve your socialising and communication skills. Being part of a group promotes teamwork and communication, allowing you to build skills that can translate to your personal and professional life outside the gym.


9. Enjoy Your Workouts More

It’s no surprise that working out with friends is more fun. Members of our group fitness classes often report how much more fun they have in our groups compared to working out on their own. This is likely due to the upbeat energy, positive vibes, and socialising aspect that comes from group training.


10. Gain Motivation

By enjoying your workouts more, you will most likely find yourself looking forward to your next group fitness class. This can be especially helpful if you need help finding the motivation to be consistent with your workouts.

When you find a workout you love, you automatically increase your chance of sticking with a fitness routine in the long run.


11. Enjoy Some Friendly Competition

Adding a little friendly competition to your workout routine is a great way to amp up your results, especially if you are naturally competitive.

A little competition can help you heighten your results since you’ll be pushing yourself harder and more likely to show up and give it your all.


12. Maximise Your Results

Since a group setting can help you take advantage of The Kohler Effect, you can push harder and maximise your workout efforts.

A study from the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine found that individuals who completed group workout classes rather than solo sessions experienced a higher quality of life, decreased stress, and improved results.


13. Keep Track of Your Progress

Being part of a group provides an automatic way to track your fitness progress. Whether you rate your progress against other class members or simply gain motivation by watching other members get stronger and fitter, it can be helpful to have a built-in way to track your results.


14. Get Automatic Accountability

Have you planned a morning workout but skipped it due to poor weather or simply not wanting to get out of bed? It happens. But with the built-in accountability of group training classes, you are more likely to show up to class.

Knowing the other group members and your instructor are expecting you to come to class makes it far more difficult to skip out on a workout.

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15. Reduce Your Chance of Injury

One of the biggest benefits of group training is the potential for reduced risk of injury. With a certified instructor to create the routines and keep watch for poor form, you have a higher chance of completing the exercises safely.


16. Become Part of a Team

Studies indicate that the feeling of being a part of a team can help you push through difficult tasks more than if you were working on your own. By working as part of a group fitness class, you can work harder and reap additional health benefits.


17. Become Part of a Community

Along with being a part of a team, you’ll be part of an even bigger community at The Tribe. Creating a gym community that feels like family is a huge focus for us, and our group training classes are one of the biggest ways we accomplish that.

The support, encouragement, and motivation you’ll feel from our fitness community can help you keep moving forward toward your health and wellness goals.


18. Enjoy a Cost-Effective Alternative to Personal Training

If you are looking for a more affordable alternative to personal training, group training is an excellent option to consider. With group fitness classes, you can still follow a workout plan designed by a certified fitness instructor but at a lower cost than a personal training session.


19. Get Professional Support

A certified group fitness instructor allows you to take advantage of professional guidance. You can complete your workouts with confidence, knowing you are under the care of a professional instructor.

Professional guidance is especially beneficial if you are new to working out or haven’t worked out in a long time.


20. Enjoy Built-In Structure

Another one of the benefits of group training is the structure it offers. Your certified trainer will design each class in a way that helps you maximise your time and results.

Each group fitness class is professionally designed and offers a proper warm-up, challenging moves, and a cool-down.

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Would You Like to Experience the Benefits of Group Training?

Along with the regular benefits of exercise, there are many unique benefits of group personal training. At The Tribe, our trainers love creating a welcoming, encouraging atmosphere that helps our clients feel confident, supported, and empowered as they work toward their fitness goals.

If you have any questions about group personal training or any of our other strength training or personal training classes, please contact us.