Group Fitness Training Classes

What is Group Fitness Training?

Small group fitness classes is a session where you are more than a number, delivering a high quality coaching experience.

We put a cap on our group fitness classes to ensure you get the support you need from your teammates and coach. We limit these to 7 clients per 1 coach, or a maximum of 14 clients to 2 coaches in the gym classes. These class sizes create the perfect client-to-coach ratio and allow for coaches to focus on the group as a whole and individual clients.

Our small group strength and conditioning sessions are our most popular training option with the highest retention rate. Once you try a class for yourself and experience the support, fun atmosphere, and dedication of the other members, you’ll quickly see why our exercise classes are great.

Group Fitness Training Perth

Benefits of Group fitness Exercise Classes

We have 4 principles that we focus on when it comes to small group training, that we believe are important to helping clients to achieve their goals.



Surrounding yourself with individuals working toward their own goals is an amazing way to stay motivated. Plus, seeing the person next to you lift more or with better form can inspire you to push your own limits.



Our small group classes feel more like a community than a class. You’ll find support from other class members, guidance from your coach, and an atmosphere filled with great energy.



We pride ourselves on the way we program within a smaller fitness class, as we are able to cater to a wide range of goals and needs. This is based on four week blocks, twelve week cycles and personal best testing twice a year.



With our coach to client ratio, we are able to focus on each person to ensure they don’t get missed. One of the hardest parts of working out is actually showing up, it isn’t so challenging once you get to know your Tribe.

Why we are our fitness classes different?

Our staff at The Tribe is committed to providing a fitness class experience that is “more than a gym”. Here, we know each of our members by name, keep exercise classes size small, and strive to offer high value group gym sessions.

Members often report The Tribe feels more like a community than just a place to do a group fitness class. Our coaches have each been through their own fitness journeys, including recovering from injuries, and understand how rewarding it is to prioritise health and wellness.

We focus on each of our client’s individual requirements, technique, progress, and goals. Our coaches educate clients on proper form and injury prevention and work to form an authentic connection with each member.

We focus on all aspects of wellness, including recovery, training, mindset, and nutrition. In addition to our Small Group Strength and Conditioning Sessions, we offer powerlifting classes, rehab training, nutritional coaching, and 1:1 training. We collaborate with each of our clients to build a tight-knit, welcoming community.

Benefits of Group Training

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Group Fitness Training with The Tribe


Are you wanting to refine your eating habits and improve your relationship with food? Our team of fitness coaches does more than just train clients in the gym. By adding personalised nutrition coaching to your training program, we can help you achieve transformative, life-changing results to help you feel your best.