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The Tribe. Strength Through Movement.

The Tribe Strength Throught Movement
The Tribe Strength Throught Movement

Our boutique Bibra Lake strength training facility was established in 2017 with the goal of helping our clients achieve their healthiest, strongest selves through group training. Our team of expert coaches based out of our strength training gym strives to create a positive and supportive environment, where people feel at home in our Tribe community.

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Strength Training done differently

We know each of our members by name, offer 1 on 1 get-togethers at least once a fortnight, and keep our coaching numbers low to ensure we meet the individual needs of each of our clients.

Before and after photos? Not here. We measure results by monitoring positive changes in strength training and movement. We invite you to join us in working toward your health and wellness goals. Wether you’re looking for strength training for women, or men. You’re in good hands.

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Strength through movement

Strength & Conditioning Training. The Tribe.

Join our team just once for a functional strength training session or strength and conditioning training and you’ll immediately see The Tribe difference. From our beautiful strength gym studio to our exceptional coaches, not to mention our strength training workouts. We strive to offer an experience that is more than a gym.

Whether you thrive in a group environment or prefer the personalised approach of 1:1 coaching, we offer a range of strength training sessions and services to fit your needs and goals. Your #1 strength and conditioning gym in Bibra Lake is waiting for you!


Personal Training

Jumpstart your journey for strength and fitness with 1:1 Coaching Session with one of our dedicated, experienced coaches. We personalise each session to each individual and work with you directly to assess your movement, progress, and nutritional choices to make sure you are getting closer to your health and wellness goals.
Personal Training
Small Group Strength and Conditioning Training


Group Fitness

You can’t beat the vibe of our small groups, one of our most popular training options! If you feed off of positive energy and enjoy being surrounded by like-minded individuals who are working toward their own health and fitness goals, you’ll love the atmosphere of our small groups.


Online Coaching

Our online fitness programes give you the chance to train where ever suits you and your lifestyle. Your program is tailored to your personal goals and is re-assessed each week and adjusted accordingly to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.
Online Programming


Injury Rehabilitation

We focus on injury prevention first to ensure slow and steady fitness improvements, even if you are coming back from an injury. Our team prioritises movement and injury prevention to help you continually build back strength, mobility, flexibility, and all-around movement.


Nutrition Coaching

We believe true wellness starts from the inside out. Each client who joins The Tribe receives a personalised nutrition profile to set them on the right track and complement their efforts in the gym. We also offer ongoing nutrition coaching for clients who want to optimise their efforts in the gym and achieve the best results.
Nutrition Coaching

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Ready to be your healthiest, strongest self ever? We invite you to our Bibra Lake gym studio, contact us or use our convenient online booking tool to sign up for a functional strength session, done different.

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Joshuacarn Metuariki


Coach and Owner

Having gone through his own health journey, Josh is passionate about helping others become the strongest version of themselves. With a background in powerlifting, sports, rehabilitation, and strength and conditioning, Joshuacarn understands how to help empower people to take control of their lives and their health.




Faced with recovering from an injury, Alex was sparked to come back stronger than ever by becoming more self-aware and learning all aspects of strength, conditioning, and rehabilitation. Now, her passion lies in sharing this knowledge with others and encouraging her clients on their path to wellness.




Dedicated to making a positive impact with each client she works with, Chelsea is a powerhouse trainer. She understands the mental and physical benefits of movement and enjoys teaching others to experience these benefits for themselves.

About The Tribe Team


One of our biggest goals at The Tribe is to provide a strength and conditioning training experience that is “more than a gym”. We do this through our dedication to our clients, supportive and educated staff, and adding value to memberships through a variety of avenues.

We have a cap of 7 clients to 1 strength coach, and an absolute max of 14 clients with 2 coaches so we can focus on each person and their technique. Our team of strength coaches and trainers is committed to helping each of our clients build long-lasting, life-changing results.

We are proud of our incredible, tight-knit group training community here at The Tribe. We don’t want to train everyone, we want to train the right people who align with our values. We hope for you to be a part of it.


We have 5 collective values as a Coaching team and Tribe that help guide us through each day working with clients and within our own lives. They are our compass to ensure we are upholding what we stand for and strive to be as a function strength training gym.



We practice in public what we practice in private, we would not expect anything of others that we are not willing to do ourselves. Integrity is doing what feels right, even when no one is watching.



We are a reflection of our environment. With every choice we make, considering the positive flow for ourselves and our family. The community has stood the test of time in survival as one of our basic and most influential needs.



Health is Physical, Mental, Emotional and Social. We must value ourselves as without health we have nothing. This means making health a priority and putting this first, as if we don’t take care of ourselves, we can’t take care of our families.



Consistency is key and this journey is ongoing. Motivation helps get us started, however, discipline ensures we do the do even on days when we don’t feel like it.



We have trust and belief that there is a bigger purpose that we are here to serve within the community and fitness industry. We can contribute to creating ripples of change in people’s lives.

Keesha OngKeesha Ong ★★★★★ Josh and the crew have a wealth of knowledge and are truly the best at what they do. You are never short of their push, guidance and Josh’s bants. Best part is you get to be surrounded by the most inclusive, motivating and supportive community. I’ve had the pleasure of being a member at the gym and also an online client, and would highly recommend to anyone starting out or wanting to try something new!Elliot FooteElliot Foote ★★★★★ Amazing vibes, crew and experience!IsaacIsaac ★★★★★ Nicola CottingtonNicola Cottington ★★★★★ I joined The Tribe a year ago and I’m so pleased I did. Not only are Josh, Jamie, Alex and Chelsea amazing coaches with health, fitness, technique and injury prevention a top priority, they genuinely care about each and every member. Weather your goal is to gain strength, get fitter, gain mobility or just be a part of something special these guys have your back. I came to The Tribe to gain strength and improve my technique in powerlifting. I have achieved that and so much more, I have gained another family. The Tribe isn’t just a gym it is a community of supportive like minded people. If you are sitting on the fence thinking about what you should do, give Josh and the team at The Tribe a go. You won’t regret it.Julia WatkinJulia Watkin ★★★★★ Josh and the team are incredible. They know what they are talking about!!! And because of their push and guidance I have been able to achieve some pretty amazing things in the gym that I never thought possible.This is the most consistent I’ve even been with my training simply because I love coming here!! It’s a super supportive and encouraging community to be apart of, cannot recommend it enough.Linda AragonLinda Aragon ★★★★★ Absolutely hands down the most finest gym experience I’ve ever had, not only are the couches wonderfuly approachable the people that attend are just simply amazing, I have reached goals that I never thought possible and it’s all because of the great support and guidance that is given, it truly feels more like an extended family rather than just a gym. Definitely recommend to anyone thinking about getting their body moving this is the place to get started.Yasmin Basili-MillerYasmin Basili-Miller ★★★★★ Hands down one of the best s & c gyms in perth. Amazing coaches and an incredibly positive and supportive community of members. The programming is epic and I’ve got great results from training here over the last 10 months. Highly recommend!Jason WhiteJason White ★★★★★ Josh and Coel are amazing and seem to have a genuine passion tailoring a bespoke program to suit my needs. I initially began as a total novice as part of a rehabilitation program after a work related back injury. Over the last twelve months of one on one sessions I’m no longer nervous pushing myself towards new goals. Great gym, super knowledgeable and patient trainers. Thought it’d be done after a few months but it’s super addictive crushing reaching new targets.Rebecca MinikenRebecca Miniken ★★★★★ Would give 10 stars if I could… Amazing strength gym if you want to be coached by proffessionals that know their stuff. Consistent coaching, exceptional technique training and rehab when needed.I had a serious back injury and am back lifting pre-injury weights within 6 months 💪Josh and Jamie have built an amazing community full of likeminded people – everyone is super welcoming and there is a real Tribe mentality.Andrew McKeeAndrew McKee ★★★★★ Best gym experience ever. I highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a change.Vanessa KingVanessa King ★★★★★ Best gym I have ever trained at! Highly recommend! Forever grateful to the most amazing trainers/owners of The Tribe ! They continue to assist me with injuries that I sustained in a car crash and always check in to see how I am and go above and beyond! The gym has top quality equipment, very knowledgeable trainers and the classes are adapted to accomodate all levels of strength, fitness and injuries. The Tribe is not just a gym, it’s a community of like minded people that create this incredible vibe, who are always there to cheer you on!I really couldn’t imagine/ want to train anywhere else now.Etta MetuarikiEtta Metuariki ★★★★★ I have a new found love for powerlifting thanks to The Tribe .All round good vibes !Epic coaches !The Tribe is the kind of gym you genuinely look forward to going to even when coach Josh throws in random air bike time trials to push you to your limits .Dylan RoyerDylan Royer ★★★★★ The month l have been there l have felt welcomed straight away and the session’s have been great.Elisia SeeberElisia Seeber ★★★★★ I’ve never been a gym class person; I’ve always trained solo with my headphones in or with a PT, but after my first class at The Tribe STM, I knew from the positive, welcoming vibe (and the hip hop beats) that I’d be going back.I’m so glad I joined because my fitness, strength, and mindset have improved so much in just three months. I’m stronger than I’ve ever been, and when I doubt myself, the uplifting vibes from everyone in the room always help me go a little further than I thought I could, or it’s the ’90s R&B at 6 a.m., hard to say…I couldn’t be happier with the coaches. Josh, Coel, and Jaime are incredibly knowledgeable, respectful, funny, caring, and inspiring. They go the extra mile to get to know you and to track your progress, and they set an incredible example of what it is to be physically and mentally strong. They help you to believe in yourself and push your limits safely, with Josh occasionally channelling Kanye’s energy to get you through a conditioning session.It’s so inspiring watching people of all fitness levels smash their goals, and I love being a part of the crew. I highly recommend stopping by if you’re considering strength training. Don’t worry, none of us are competitive. 🙃💛💪harlee gareharlee gare ★★★★★ James BakerJames Baker ★★★★★ Great gymMichael ChewMichael Chew ★★★★★ Coach Josh is a legend.Very knowledgeable, identifies areas of weakness and programs sessions to strengthen these areas over time.Hit PBs on all 3 lifts following his instructions over 12 weeks of online coaching. Fixed my squats, adjusted my deadlifts and tweaked my bench.Trust the process and just enjoy the journey!Highly recommend to anyone with any sort of goals in the gym even if it’s not to do with the 3 main lifts.Natasha DNatasha D ★★★★★ I started at the tribe after having my first daughter and loved it, now one more child and 6 years later I am still here, i trained throughout my pregnancy with the guidance of the coaches, I have gained muscle & lost bodyfat all while getting stronger. The tribe is not like a big commercial gym where you are just a number, the coaches are the owners and know all of their clients and genuinely want the best for them.The gym itself is fantastic with top quality equipment, knowledgeable trainers & amazing clients 😉 we are like one big supportive family.The vibe is amazing, no judgement & everyone is extremely positive and encouraging of one another.I have no hesitations to recommending the Tribe to anyone and everyone.The Tribe isn’t like a regular gym, it’s a cool gym!Kerttu SaarKerttu Saar ★★★★★ I’ve been with Tribe for over a year now and couln’t imagine training anywhere else. It is not just a gym – it’s a community and family full of genuine people, positive vibes and encouragement. The coaches (Josh, Coel and Jaime) are dedicated with a huge knowledge base and take time to check in with everybody individually. Bring your kids or even your dog – everybody’s welcome!Personally this place and the people here have helped me througha lot and made me shift my mindset to focus on the positive, to learn from failures and not be too hard on yourself and that strength is empowering!Could not recommend this place more!!Sarah StokeldSarah Stokeld ★★★★★ I don’t know a single person who has entered The Tribe’s welcoming doors and regretted it or not grown in some substantial way. The Tribe, as their saying goes, really is more than a gym.One of the many reasons is because the owners, as well as all the trainers, really do care. They care in a holistic sense, not just with your achievements physically within the gym (the Tribe members are some of the strongest and fittest people I know), they care about your overall health in a spiritual, mental and community sense. An all in one kind of service!Along with meeting my partner at one of The Tribe’s fabulous Xmas parties (one of the many community events they hold), the Tribe has become a second family. Which is what you want in a gym when you are there every day! If you are thinking about joining, do so, you wont regret it!ashlee andersonashlee anderson ★★★★★ Myself and my 16yrs old Son Carter have been attending Tribe for a while now and we enjoy training together learning new skill sets when it comes Deadlifts Bench Press most exercises we do we are gaining more strength and confidence finishing our work outs.We enjoy being apart of the Tribe community it’s really like one BIG family training together positive vibes every time we go and the Tribe is a true testament to Josh Jaime & Coel living their passion through doing what they love keeping us accountable through training and fun too really love the Tribe would recommend them 💯Lessssgo!!!sean archersean archer ★★★★★ Before The Tribe I’d been training solo in a variety of gyms over the past 10 years or so and had never thought of training in a group. I had reached a point where I was losing motivation and asked a trainer if they could recommend something, they suggested a good group-based gym and pointed me to The Tribe. I booked a trial session and turned up on a Saturday morning, as soon as I walked through the main entrance, I felt a sense of comfort and ease I’d not had in other gyms. I had an interview with Coel; one of their trainers, and it was as though we’d known each other for years, at that point I was eager to become a member of The Tribe.I’ve now been part of The Tribe family for two years and enjoy a renewed passion for strength and conditioning training, the group sessions are a joy and everyone who is part the The Tribe shares a sense of family and a passion for training. You are always welcomed with a warm greeting be it trainers or members, you leave they days troubles at the entrance and share an hour of training with The Tribes passionate owners Josh and Jaime as well as Coel who are very knowledgeable in their fields and their joy of training flows through to each and every Tribe member. You can’t but be lifted in spirit and passion as you train. I only wish I had discovered The Tribe a lot earlier in my years of solo training.The Tribe is more than a gym, it is community, it is family and once you are a part it you will never look back.Lesshhhgooooo!Clare RichardsonClare Richardson ★★★★★ Such an amazing place to train. Josh, Jamie and Coel are amazing PT’s. They are truely interested in your growth. They work with you, encourage you, support you and celebrate you. The Tribe has amazing vibes and everyone is so welcoming. What I love the most is the time spent working on technique, the support and time given to help achieve personal goals. It is the best gym I have ever trained at. They really are like no other gym.Julie WyattJulie Wyatt ★★★★★ Best gym I have ever been to. Coaches and staff always engaged and genuinely interested in your progress. Fantastic vibe, every session is fun and coaches spend time enduring technique is good when completing the exercises.Progress assessments every fortnight and tweaking of programs to assist you to reach your goals.They also are happy to help with injury recovery ❤️‍🩹 and give alternative regressions to encourage you still come to gym when recovering.They are more than a gym – they are family.Jackie LampJackie Lamp ★★★★★ I’ve been training with The Tribe now for 2 years and I can’t imagine myself being anywhere else. The small group classes allow the coaches to spend quality time with each individual. Classes are adapted to accommodate those of various levels in their fitness journey and programs are set for individual goals. Their knowledge is incredible and even when carrying injuries the progames are suited to include rehabilitation exercises as well. This way you will always feel part of the group regardless.The environment and facility is superb and the people who train here are welcoming and friendly. Many have become close friends.I guarantee if you give it a go you won’t be disappointedAlisi ZisisAlisi Zisis ★★★★★ The Tribe is so much more than a gym. It’s a community… a family so unique and diverse but yet united by their shared love for physical and mental health and fitness. The coaches Josh, Jaime and Coel are amazingly supportive and the best at what they do and follow a holistic approach to health and fitness. Their passion is undeniable and can be witnessed by the success their clients experience. No matter your goals these guys can get you there! On top of all this the members are so warm and welcoming and make you feel like part of the Tribe from your very first session. I have tried so may gyms over the years but this one is by far the best. These guys have a big heart and are always looking for ways they can support the community and charities that share their vision. Highly recommend The Tribe Strength Through Movement. Give them a go… you won’t regret it. Love the Vibe at the Tribe!Paige VincentPaige Vincent ★★★★★ Joining The Tribe is hands down the best lifestyle decision I’ve ever made. I am fitter, healthier and happier then I have ever been. The Tribe is definitely more than a gym it’s a community of like minded people that become family. Josh, Jaime and Coel are amazing trainers who really care and go above and beyond to help you achieve your goals In and out of the gym. I look forward to walking through the doors and always feel amazing when I leave. So if you’re looking to find the best version of yourself The Tribe is definitely the place for you.💛🖤Chelsea SChelsea S ★★★★★ The Tribe STM has a great team of coaches who are dedicated, professional, and genuinely interested in helping their clients get from A to B no matter what that may look like. Along with the inviting vibes, friendly yet motivating atmosphere, great banter and sense of humour, every training sessions is enjoyable and leaves you feeling accomplished.Training with Jamie Josh and Cole has helped me to get closer to my strength and weightless goals as well as given me the tools to make more informed choices, resulting in me being able to better manage my long term health and nutrition to suit my super busy lifestyle aswell as my daughters.Of all the gyms I have visited over the years I could not recommend a gym as highly as I do The Tribe STM.Mandeep SinghMandeep Singh ★★★★★ Highly Recommend The Tribe .Highly professional and knowledgeableBig Thanks to Cole for giving me proper guidance and direction in correcting my posture by giving me proper program and exercises to improve my muscles strength and mobilityThanks Coel and JoshGwyn HannayGwyn Hannay ★★★★★ Jamie-Rose McDonaldJamie-Rose McDonald ★★★★★ Samantha CorteseSamantha Cortese ★★★★★ Such an amazing group of people they all make it such a great experience and place to be. The coaches are amazing, so friendly and really family orientated. I bring my little one to training every morning, the trainers and other people in the group all help with bub so I can focus on training. It makes something I would usually dread into a great experience and something I look forward to everyday.Ara Kelly-AndersonAra Kelly-Anderson ★★★★★ I have never been a fan of the gym or exercise. I have really benefited from the professional guidance of my trainer Cole. My movement and strength are building and the results speak for themselves. I highly recommend The tribe for results.Jarra nolanJarra nolan ★★★★★ I’ve never felt more supported in anything then I do here ❤️Victoria RouxelVictoria Rouxel ★★★★★ Shane BaskervilleShane Baskerville ★★★★★ Bob SelfBob Self ★★★★★ Great vibe, excellent trainers / coaches !HelenHelen ★★★★★ Joined to lose some weight for my wedding, ended up gaining muscle and a whole new family. Oh.. and altering my wedding dress down by almost 2 dress sizes. I also hit some PBs that I never thought I could achieve in a million years – what a bonus!The Tribe is more than a gym. I was welcomed with open arms from day one and have never looked back. Everyone from the coaches to the members are extremely encouraging and also keep you accountable.I always look forward to my small group training sessions because they are so challenging, yet so fun. I feel safe knowing that I am being guided and supported by the coaches every step of the way.Thank you Josh, Jaime and Coel for helping me change the way I view myself, health and fitness.Drew WardDrew Ward ★★★★★ I can not recommend this gym enough. Emphasis on gaining strength physically and mentally, building a community of like minded individuals.Every time I go to the gym I am excited to see and train with fellow members/coaches. Great vibe and top notch crew. Get amongst it!!!Kirsty RocheKirsty Roche ★★★★★ I walked into this gym not knowing what I was in for, who I would met, so many nerves and so much anxiety. I hadn’t trained in such a long time I was feeling lost in my own skin. I walked out shocked at myself, in 45 minutes I had truly found my fire again a new found love for weights and a group of people who would have my back through pains and gains.I found my Tribe no looking back only forward.Di TuxfordDi Tuxford ★★★★★ Brilliant gym, great people, small, personal.Stewart FamilyStewart Family ★★★★★ Great people providing a meaningful service💯Sharnii VincentSharnii Vincent ★★★★★ Absolutely love the tribe! It’s not like any other gyms I’ve been to. Everyone is so friendly and encourages you to reach your goals.Christopher JamesChristopher James ★★★★★ Great wealth of knowledge through the gym! Coel and all the guys are really dedicated into improving your goals weather it be strength training or general well being. Can’t wait to move back to Perth and throw some tin around the tribe gym. Regards C-stickDanielle TumoanaDanielle Tumoana ★★★★★ Awesome gym with a welcoming vibe. Doesn’t feel remotely intimidating. Instead its family friendly and unpretentious. Trainers are down to earth and welcoming. And facilities are clean and well maintained. Love it!!Gabrielle WalkerGabrielle Walker ★★★★★ The team at the tribe are committed and go above and beyond for their community! I’m grateful to have come across them!Laura ChiarelliLaura Chiarelli ★★★★★ The most genuine people you will ever meet. Coaches and members offer so much support and make training such a positive experience. The small group training is great for those that are new to lifting heavier weights and need that extra guidance from coaches. You set your goals and coaches Jamie and Josh help you reach them through not only supporting your physical training but your nutrition and mindset. Such a great vibe, so glad I found this place!Andrea RossAndrea Ross ★★★★★ The Tribe Strength Through Movement is my favourite place to train! Jaime & Josh and the other amazing trainers are so knowledgable, down to earth and provide amazing workouts and support. What a community! Would 100% recommend to anyone looking to boost their confidence and fitness, whatever their goals! Can’t wait to get back there to train 🙂Coel LinnellCoel Linnell ★★★★★ I”ve been apart of this awesome environment well over 2 years now. Training and Coaching here is nothing like I have experienced in my 10 years journey in the health and fitness industry.My Movement ProMy Movement Pro ★★★★★ Awesome studio, very personal and supportive offline and online coaching option. Great price point. Quality coaching and staff.BrookeBrooke ★★★★★ The team at the Tribe are true Leaders when it comes to the industry of overall Health and well being. I’ve never met such hard working, passionate and dedicated people. All for the love of wanting others to feel and be the best versions of themselves. The Tribe is by no means just a gym, it’s an atmosphere and for many a second home. We loved training at the Tribe and we have loved taking part in the ‘Isolation’ training from home program recently. The service was still there 110% and day to day. The energy from the coaches was still felt through check ins and through their online presence. Something that can only be achieved by genuine, authentic PTs. Thanks for all you do guys. Feeling strong, fit and mobile.Alexa ToiAlexa Toi ★★★★★ I have been training at the tribe for 3 years has been such an incredible place to train. The community that has been built there is extremely encouraging and fun.Since training there i have learnt so much about how my body works, about eating habits and how much training can be fun. Definitely a gym i love being a part of.Bronwyn LeunigBronwyn Leunig ★★★★★ The Tribe is an incredible place to train and is more than just a gym! The vibes, the community, the coaches and the workouts make it one of a kind. There really is nowhere else like this place!John RikiJohn Riki ★★★★★ The Tribe team, are professional in every form, not only do they incorporate 100% fitness Joshua, Jamie and the team also focus on the mind, body and soul to help strengthen the core. The Tribe is all about , family, love and strength through movement.Ryan HawkeRyan Hawke ★★★★★ Wade StudsorWade Studsor ★★★★★ Only been with the tribe for a short time almost 12 months but they have become like family it’s such a place and atmosphere very close knittedBrett ElvinesBrett Elvines ★★★★★ The knowledge and expertise is top notch. What i like most is how people come first and fitness second. I would strongly recommend the services to anyone looking to improve health and fitnessLevi SaundersLevi Saunders ★★★★★ Tanian CurtisTanian Curtis ★★★★★ The Tribe, where to start! I have never been to a more welcoming and supportive gym/studio. and that’s 100% the reason I have never left. walking through the door into this place doesn’t feel like walking into a gym surrounded by strangers, it feels like im surrounded by friends and family, the sense and feel of community this place vibes out is amazing, I have created lifelong relationships here and every time I speak of this place there’s always a smile and a positive output. I have been training at The Tribe for a few years now, I enjoy every session Josh and Jaime put me through with the knowledge and attention to detail help get myself to fitness-strength levels I never thought I would have gotten to, come to a place that has a diverse range of ages and backgrounds and are catered to. the results I see from each and every other member truly shows how much heart and soul Josh and Jaime put into their craft, but also who they are as people, the motivation, patience and upbeat attitude 24/7, workouts are always changing and accomodating yet VERY challenging for all fitness/strength levels. I believe the trainers get a massive kick out of seeing the pain and sweat that goes on daily here! Try this place once and you wont want to leave. prove me wrong! come and join the Tribe Family, there’s always room for more 🙂Digital HitmenDigital Hitmen ★★★★★ The Tribe reached out to sponsor the Deadlifts for Charity event in 2019. We are very happy we agreed to this because the event was a huge success!Even though we are not personally clients of The Tribe, we could tell they have an amazing culture at the venue. Their staff members and customers were all buzzing throughout the day, and all in all it was great fun.Would highly recommend them just based on that. We’ve been to many gyms over the years but the vibe in there was something different. Thanks for having us guys!Julie HolmesJulie Holmes ★★★★★ I have been attending The Tribe stm, for over a year now. My learning journey as a professional teacher (PE) and health/fitness advocate, was given a setback after the onset of an auto-immune condition following a work injury around 6 years ago. Limited movement, chronic pain and despondency led me back into yoga and from there I was introduced to Coel. Knowing I needed to ensure bone density as I aged, I figured weight / strength training would be the smart move. Coel helped manage my pain by slowing ensuring I built strength around vulnerable areas and rehab’d my many joint/injury issues. In the small, family like gym – with Head Coaches Josh /Jaime & over time Bronnie, I have become a different person. Now doing small group sessions (pre CV-19) In an environment of likeminded souls of all ages and diverse backgrounds, but all dedicated to living great lives by being STRONG in body mind and spirit, all supporting and helping each other in holistic ways. I am indebted to this group – my TRIBE; for not only encouraging & fostering my progress – but challenging me and not allowing me to give in. Pain is a part of life, but it doesn’t have to direct your life. There’s always other exercises / stabilising actions / ways to do things…… this TRIBE is founded on caring for people by building self belief and resilience – Strength Through Movement, they live the journey and inspire all as they do. Professional, technical and KIND. Forever grateful – Julie : )Hayden CroghanHayden Croghan ★★★★★ Greg HoganGreg Hogan ★★★★★ LIA SCARINCILIA SCARINCI ★★★★★ Sukii BessiSukii Bessi ★★★★★ Mos NepiaMos Nepia ★★★★★ A very inspirational place. If your looking for motivation in your life, a healthy balanced lifestyle, a change in your environment or just wanting to train with good people that have fun and pick each other up. Then the Tribe is the place. The Tribe will do everything they can to possibly make your journey feel comfortable. I love this place 🙂Seychelle Nattrass McNeeSeychelle Nattrass McNee ★★★★★ Such an amazing place to come to ! The trainers are positive, fun and hilarious to be around. I have been to several gyms over the years but never have I felt such a strong community focus as at The Tribe. Everyone is very supportive and inclusive. Honestly, you really couldn’t ask for more.Shelby FletcherShelby Fletcher ★★★★★ My second home! The people, the atmosphere, the support, the results. It’s all you could ever ask for (and more!).Maggie MackieMaggie Mackie ★★★★★ The Tribe gym has a lovely vibe, the trainers are very supportive, experienced and above all passionate about providing the very best training for their client’s.Mat TMat T ★★★★★ The trainers are very knowledgeable and experienced combined with a positive and supportive environment of people from a diverse range of ages and backgrounds. I have personally gained a wealth of knowledge and experience since I started and now I’m addicted! Thanks Josh, Jaime and Coel you guys are the best!Karyn BuisKaryn Buis ★★★★★ UNBELIEVABLE!!! – I feel so strong!!!I’ve been going to The Tribe for over a year. I love this gym. The trainers are very effective, and so motivating. They are always in a good mood. The workout is different everyday and very entertaining. I’ve been to many different gyms over the years but this is definitely my favourite place.Always fun and there is lots of laughter.I’m looking forward to being a member of The Tribe for many years to come.Karyn 😁SAOR ConsultancySAOR Consultancy ★★★★★ Completed my first ever Zuu session here and wow what an experience! For someone who trains in gyms all over the world, this was really cool!The club culture is tight knit and supportive and VOCAL! 🙂 Everyone was supporting one another and doing it loudly, cool concept. I’d say the other sessions would be as good and as beneficial.Thanks team!Josh MetuarikiJosh Metuariki ★★★★★ Awesome facility and place to train. That Josh guy is really handsome and sounds like he know’s what he’s doing. Keep up the good work guys.bree francisbree francis ★★★★★ When I describe the Tribe to people I don’t call it a gym, I refer to it as a community of same minded adults who encourage and lift each other up. Josh and Jaime continually improve their knowledge and their facilities. They are a wealth of wisdom and advice. The tribe will change your life!Tui RangihaeataTui Rangihaeata ★★★★★ Amazing experienced coaches and awesome atmosphere.Jarrad MckayJarrad Mckay ★★★★★ I’ve been a member of the tribe for over 18 months now. Going from a very labour intensive job to being relatively sedentary, I needed somewhere to go to keep fit. I didn’t expect to actually ENJOY TRAINING every day I go to THE TRIBE, but as a huge credit to Jaime and Josh, i really do look forward to each of my sessions, and really enjoy each session. The results each and every person who trains at the tribe receive are all accredited to the mind set Josh and Jaime instil into all of us. You become part of the Tribe Family as soon as you set foot through the big roller door.Emily HanniganEmily Hannigan ★★★★★ The Tribe is an excellent all round gym providing not only customised personal trainer and group fitness classes to your own goals and body types but also detailed nutritional plans and support. Josh and Jaime are always willing to go the extra mile to support you and really care about your reaching your goals whether that is strength training and general health and well being. The gym is a safe and ego free environment with all different shapes and types of people that will become like your second family.Lisa Goldsworthy (LG)Lisa Goldsworthy (LG) ★★★★★ Supportive environment, lots of fun and deadicated to helping you reach your fitness goals. Warning… weight sessions become addictive!!Jessica HawkeJessica Hawke ★★★★★ If you are interested in changing your body and mindset toward exercise, want to be surrounded by like minded people who support and lift you up…then The Tribe is the place for you. More than a gym, this is a community, a second home where you will be encouraged and coached to achieve the best version of you!! No egos, intimidation or comparison here, just a “tribe” of people working on their bodies, minds and enjoying the company of “a tall glass of chocolate” ha ha haJane dJane d ★★★★★ Fantastic environment, excellent trainers, various options for training times. Options of PT, small group PT and group cardio/mixed cardio-strength training and Zuu.Calogero MartelliCalogero Martelli ★★★★★ Simon KonySimon Kony ★★★★★ Ash JordanAsh Jordan ★★★★★ An Amazing facility with fantastic trainers and an encouraging positive training environmentjs_loader
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