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The Tribe. Strength Through Movement.

The Tribe Strength Throught Movement
The Tribe Strength Throught Movement

Our boutique Bibra Lake strength training facility was established in 2017 with the goal of helping our clients achieve their healthiest, strongest selves through group training. Our team of expert coaches based out of our strength training gym strives to create a positive and supportive environment, where people feel at home in our Tribe community.

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Strength Training done differently

We know each of our members by name, offer 1 on 1 get-togethers at least once a fortnight, and keep our coaching numbers low to ensure we meet the individual needs of each of our clients.

Before and after photos? Not here. We measure results by monitoring positive changes in strength training and movement. We invite you to join us in working toward your health and wellness goals. Wether you’re looking for strength training for women, or men. You’re in good hands.

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Strength through movement

Strength & Conditioning Training. The Tribe.

Join our team just once for a functional strength training session or strength and conditioning training and you’ll immediately see The Tribe difference. From our beautiful strength gym studio to our exceptional coaches, not to mention our strength training workouts. We strive to offer an experience that is more than a gym.

Whether you thrive in a group environment or prefer the personalised approach of 1:1 coaching, we offer a range of strength training sessions and services to fit your needs and goals. Your #1 strength and conditioning gym in Bibra Lake is waiting for you!


Personal Training

Jumpstart your journey for strength and fitness with 1:1 Coaching Session with one of our dedicated, experienced coaches. We personalise each session to each individual and work with you directly to assess your movement, progress, and nutritional choices to make sure you are getting closer to your health and wellness goals.
Personal Training
Small Group Strength and Conditioning Training


Group Fitness

You can’t beat the vibe of our small groups, one of our most popular training options! If you feed off of positive energy and enjoy being surrounded by like-minded individuals who are working toward their own health and fitness goals, you’ll love the atmosphere of our small groups.


Online Coaching

Our online fitness programes give you the chance to train where ever suits you and your lifestyle. Your program is tailored to your personal goals and is re-assessed each week and adjusted accordingly to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.
Online Programming


Injury Rehabilitation

We focus on injury prevention first to ensure slow and steady fitness improvements, even if you are coming back from an injury. Our team prioritises movement and injury prevention to help you continually build back strength, mobility, flexibility, and all-around movement.


Nutrition Coaching

We believe true wellness starts from the inside out. Each client who joins The Tribe receives a personalised nutrition profile to set them on the right track and complement their efforts in the gym. We also offer ongoing nutrition coaching for clients who want to optimise their efforts in the gym and achieve the best results.
Nutrition Coaching

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Ready to be your healthiest, strongest self ever? We invite you to our Bibra Lake gym studio, contact us or use our convenient online booking tool to sign up for a functional strength session, done different.

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Joshuacarn Metuariki


Coach and Owner

Having gone through his own health journey, Josh is passionate about helping others become the strongest version of themselves. With a background in powerlifting, sports, rehabilitation, and strength and conditioning, Joshuacarn understands how to help empower people to take control of their lives and their health.




Dedicated to making a positive impact with each client she works with, Chelsea is a powerhouse trainer. She understands the mental and physical benefits of movement and enjoys teaching others to experience these benefits for themselves.

About The Tribe


One of our biggest goals at The Tribe is to provide a strength and conditioning training experience that is “more than a gym”. We do this through our dedication to our clients, supportive and educated staff, and adding value to memberships through a variety of avenues.

We have a cap of 7 clients to 1 strength coach, and an absolute max of 14 clients with 2 coaches so we can focus on each person and their technique. Our team of strength coaches and trainers is committed to helping each of our clients build long-lasting, life-changing results.

We are proud of our incredible, tight-knit group training community here at The Tribe. We don’t want to train everyone, we want to train the right people who align with our values. We hope for you to be a part of it.


We have 5 collective values as a Coaching team and Tribe that help guide us through each day working with clients and within our own lives. They are our compass to ensure we are upholding what we stand for and strive to be as a function strength training gym.



We practice in public what we practice in private, we would not expect anything of others that we are not willing to do ourselves. Integrity is doing what feels right, even when no one is watching.



We are a reflection of our environment. With every choice we make, considering the positive flow for ourselves and our family. The community has stood the test of time in survival as one of our basic and most influential needs.



Health is Physical, Mental, Emotional and Social. We must value ourselves as without health we have nothing. This means making health a priority and putting this first, as if we don’t take care of ourselves, we can’t take care of our families.



Consistency is key and this journey is ongoing. Motivation helps get us started, however, discipline ensures we do the do even on days when we don’t feel like it.



We have trust and belief that there is a bigger purpose that we are here to serve within the community and fitness industry. We can contribute to creating ripples of change in people’s lives.

Group Fitness Training with The Tribe


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The Tribe. Number 1 gym in Bibra Lake.