Nutrition Coaching

What Is A Nutrition Coach?

Ever heard the phrase, “you can’t out-train a bad diet”? Fitness doesn’t end at the gym. Rather, it starts from the inside out. Nutrition coaching focuses on the crucial role food plays in overall wellness and fitness.

Our nutrition coaching program places a focus on the larger picture and how fitness and eating complement each other. Without an appropriate eating plan, you’ll likely experience frustrating plateaus in the gym. Having a coach for your diet is just as important as a PT.

A nutrition coach can offer a range of services, including:
  • Personalized meal planning
  • Individual support
  • Continual progress monitoring
  • Providing ongoing motivation
  • Calculating an individual’s macronutrient profile depending on their goals, caloric needs, fitness level, and lifestyle
  • Assisting with healthy meal planning
  • Educating clients on macronutrients, healthy portion sizes, using food as fuel, and how to read food labels
  • Determining a healthy eating program that works best with their lifestyle
  • Weight loss support
  • Built-in accountability
  • Pinpointing underlying issues
  • Adjusting caloric recommendations as needed
Nutrition Coaching

is Nutrition coaching for me?

Do you train hard at the gym but find yourself reaching for junk food at home, find it hard to stay on your diet? We believe true wellness starts from the inside out, making nutritional coaching a significant aspect of our training programs. While we offer an initial nutritional assessment for all our clients, we highly recommend ongoing nutritional coaching if you need help with:

Knowing what to eat before or after a workout

Emotional eating


Healthy meal planning


Support and encouragement

Progress monitoring and adjustments

Achieving a specific training outcome or goal (i.e. completing a triathlon)

Addressing poor eating habits

BENEFITS of a Nutrition Coach

Personalized Support

Professional, personalized support

A nutrition coach can help keep you motivated and on track as you work toward a healthier lifestyle by continually evaluating your progress, making necessary changes to your nutritional plan, and offering ongoing guidance.

Automatic Accountability

Automatic Accountability

A nutrition coach provides built-in accountability as your work toward your fitness and wellness goals. A coach will monitor your results, make adjustments as needed, and collaborate with you to continue building on your progress.

Improved Relationship With Food

Improved Relationship With Food

If you have trouble viewing food as an emotional crutch rather than as fuel, a nutritional coach can help you shift your mindset and break through poor dietary habits.



A trained nutrition coach can educate you on all aspects of healthy eating and how nutrition relates to training. From macronutrients to reading labels to healthy meal planning, a nutrition coach can guide you on using nutrition to your advantage.

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As a Perth strength training facility, we’ve been helping people become their strongest, healthiest selves since 2017. We focus on offering an experience that is “more than a gym” and believe in building a positive, supportive community that feels like family.

We take a comprehensive approach to wellness by prioritising the four pillars of health: training, recovery, mindset, and nutrition. We believe the best results come from the inside out and work with each of our clients to assess their nutrition and develop a plan tailored to their fitness and wellness goals.


Are you wanting to refine your eating habits and improve your relationship with food? Our team of fitness coaches does more than just train clients in the gym. By adding personalised nutrition coaching to your training program, we can help you achieve transformative, life-changing results to help you feel your best.


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