The Tribe are here to provide you with the education and tools for long term sustainable weight management.


We have developed systems that are proven to work, by putting stepping stones in place in order for you to reach your goals.


Creating new habits can be a difficult task to complete, especially on your own, therefore we have fostered an approach which is all about community and a supportive environment.


As people who have experienced how much of a difference these key aspects play, we came together with a genuine mission to share our knowledge with others and in this book more specifically regarding nutrition.


This short e-nutrition book has been created to help with:

  • Understanding why nutrition is an important pillar of health

  • Revisiting your goals and habits around eating

  • What parts of nutrition are worth focusing on

  • How to develop a better relationship with food

  • Tips on how to prepare food

  • Recipes to keep the process tasty and exciting

Nutrition eBook