3 Tips to Busting Plateaus

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

3 Tips to Busting Plateaus

There will be multiple points in your journey (training related and in life) where you will hit plateaus!

Constant momentum is not possible, as we all know success is not linear.

What helps us to reach a certain level of progress will not alway necessarily help us to achieve further progression.

Therefore we are constantly being called to stop and reassess then act further.

So what can we do when we come into a plateau?

We can look to these 3 main things to continue forward:

1) Compliance and Ownership

Are you doing what you need to be doing in order to achieve results, the required training and nutrition, has anything slipped that has helped you to achieve results so far?

If there are things you identify it's about taking ownership of this before you can truely move on.

2) Nutrition

Are you meeting your requirements e.g. in terms of calories and macros, what is your macro timing like, what approach are you taking and is the food you eat clean and wholesome?

3) Energy Expenditure

This is your training and the every day energy you burn. Has your frequency changed or could you decrease or increase this, are you training as hard as you could be, are you doing the style of training that works best for you ?

These are the main 3 however there are other aspects that come into play that can offset our ability to make progress such as: environment and other life stresses, changes to our normal routine and time availability.

Therefore we need to ensure that our health is still a high priority and schedule in these things that help us to stay on track.

Keep it simple crew, when we come back to the basics it makes things much less overwhelming and we can clearly identify the gaps and come up with solutions to move forward.

Good luck on busting your plateau!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out.


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