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This is Sam...

These photos were taken 16 weeks apart, although it wasn’t instantly that her results started happening this way:

-18 kgs gone
-Shit loads of cms gone
-visceral fat halved

-Muscle Built
-Mental-emotional and physical strength gained

Her children are her biggest motivation 🙌🏼 

Sam has lost weight in the past through cardio and probably not eating enough, where she ended up gaining this back plus more.


This time, eating a lot of food and strength training with ZUU conditioning workouts

This is what she has to say about her journey these past few years:

“Kgs don't mean everything!! 
I'm about 8kgs heavier now then I was but I fit my clothes different to how I did back then, my body shape is different, I have more muscle and I'm happier and healthier in my skin.
Massive love and gratitude for my Tribe trainers (friends) for there food, training
,and mindset programs and of corse the addictive hearty training environment they've created”.

We cannot wait to see what the rest of her journey brings.

Sam C

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