Meet the team. Each of them has a specific style and strength.

Collectively there is years of experience amongst all the coaches in our Tribe.

We have a strong sense of community within our wellness studio and as soon as you step in we will do everything we can to help you achieve your goals while having a social network of like minded individual sharing a similar journey.

We look forward in seeing you become part of our Tribe.

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Coel Linnell

Coel has a wealth of experience in the fitness industry starting in New Zealand in 2011. Over the past 7 years being a fitness business owner has taught him many lessons about the importance of fitness and wellness and how to effectively apply it to real life situations. Specialises in: - Functional Training - HIIT - Kettlebell Lifting ( Basic) - Kettlebell Lifting ( Advanced ) - Strength Training - Fundamentals - Hybrid Movement - Bodyweight Training - Sports Specific Training