What We Want VS What We Need

What We Want VS What We Need

These 2 things right here, aren’t the same,

No doubt we aim to provide our clients with what they want in terms of the training and support they receive.


What they need may be something slightly different,

If we haven’t achieved what we desire, there is something that has been missing, or what we are currently doing may need to be tweaked.

We don’t know What we don’t know

This takes times to achieve.

We work with our clients on an individual basis to share what we believe is best for them, based on what they want to achieve.

Then we work together to find what the most enjoyable route on the journey will be

Some parts they may not like so much at first, just like anything new, there are uncomfortable parts.

It’s about finding that balance with each person, as to what they want, what they enjoy, what they need and are open to trying if it it means getting closer to their goals.

Honest conversations go a long way, and when it is coming from a place with the clients best interest, 9/10 that is how it will be received.

Just like if your tights are see thru, We will let you know It’s in the clients best interest 100%

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