Training and Nutrition for your Body Type

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Training and Nutrition for your Body Type

There are 3 main somatotypes / body types which you can base your training and nutrition on.

This is a simple and effective tool that we use with clients.

Note - that our true body type may differ from what it is now due to lifestyle choices.

E.g. a mesomorph as a teenager with poor nutrition who is fairly sedentary may now be considered an endomorph.

It is also possible to be a cross between 2 body types.

To keep things simple focus on your goal and the typical characteristics.

E.g. typical sports for body types: an ectomorph as a marathon runner, a mesomorph as a body builder, an endomorph as a heavy weight power lifter.


Typically skinny with a small frame

Naturally lean and doesn't gain weight very easily

Struggles to gain muscle

Fast metabolism

Petite or tall and skinny, potentially 'skinny fat'

Small shoulders and flat chest


Short & Intense

Less frequency and duration

Train hard

Strength Training

Big muscle groups

Minimal cardio


Susceptible to becoming catabolic (muscle wastage)

Ensure eating enough food and before bed

Higher carbohydrate

Lower fat

Higher protein


Mixed type

Athletic and rectangular body frame

Hard and defined

Naturally strong

Gains muscle easily

Gains body fat easier than an ectomorph

Broad shoulders and small waste


Mixed training: cardio and weights 

Still favour weights training over cardio

Cardio for conditioning


Watch calorie intake to avoid becoming an endomorph

Moderate carbohydrate

Moderate fat

Moderate protein


Soft round body

Short and stocky

Gains muscle easily

Gains body fat very easily

Struggles to loose body fat

Large shoulders

Sluggish metabolism, may be susceptible to insulin resistance


Weight training

Always do some form of volume / higher intensity training


Does not tolerate processed carbohydrate/fat mixed meals well

Lower carbohydrate

Higher fat

Moderate protein

- Have a think about which body type you might be?

- What approach is best for you to take based on your goals?

- What are you currently doing?

- What can you change?

Hopefully this helps to give you a clearer idea on some steps you can take in order to achieve the next level of results.

Cheers guys, any questions please reach out.


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