Training and Nutrition for your Body Type

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Training and Nutrition for your Body Type

There are 3 main somatotypes / body types which you can base your training and nutrition on.

This is a simple and effective tool that we use with clients.

Note - that our true body type may differ from what it is now due to lifestyle choices.

E.g. a mesomorph as a teenager with poor nutrition who is fairly sedentary may now be considered an endomorph.

It is also possible to be a cross between 2 body types.

To keep things simple focus on your goal and the typical characteristics.

E.g. typical sports for body types: an ectomorph as a marathon runner, a mesomorph as a body builder, an endomorph as a heavy weight power lifter.


Typically skinny with a small frame

Naturally lean and doesn't gain weight very easily

Struggles to gain muscle

Fast metabolism

Petite or tall and skinny, potentially 'skinny fat'