Plateauing in The Gym and In Life?

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten" – Tony Robbins

Too often I hear clients, friends and family repeat the following: “I exercise regularly and eat reasonably healthy but I’m not getting anywhere, it’s like a vicious cycle” or “I was xx but now I’m xx …”.

We plateau with exercise and nutrition then we try something new, that’s the easy part of the solution.

The other part to reaching our ideal body shape and maintaining this stems far deeper than changing up our training and nutrition program. To be successful we must take a holistic approach starting by reviewing our daily habits and relationship with ourselves.

We become complacent and avoid the hard stuff, but we need to think differently to the majority and work through the parts of life that are dragging us down. Make your weaknesses your strengths, and do this by spending more time in your uncomfortable zone.

Wellbeing is made up of the following:

Physical Exercise watching our nutrition, how our body looks, what we wear, how tanned we are and how healthy we are/look.

Social What are our relationships like with friends, family, partners, colleagues and clients? What are our hobbies? Do we do what we do to please ourselves or to please others?

Community Having faith in something bigger whether it is the universe, god etc., and having engagement in the community.

Economic Are our finances in check and do we manage these, financial stress is among the worst kind of stress.

Career Do we enjoy our work, are we personally developing and growing each day, how do we occupy most of the day, do we separate work and non-work?

Personally, I don’t believe in this idealistic view that we can have 100% balance of wellbeing, but that we can edge closer to what is optimum every day.

Remember we are all individuals with our own unique value sets, so what works for you won’t necessarily work for the next person

Suggestions to Cultivate for Long Term GOAL SMASHING:

Continually Review Your Daily Habits How we start and finish the day effects everything! Review what your current daily habits are and what could be altered. Do this often.

Get More Sleep Never underestimate the value of sleep. If I went into the benefits we would be here all day so I’ll cover this off in more depth some other time.

Keep a Diary Keeping a diary, it seems old school but visually mapping out the day will ease stress levels and get what our brains are struggling to remember out onto paper. Time blocking is also a helpful tool to diminish overwhelm.

Disconnect from Social Media Break away from social media and live in the ‘now’, try not to check social media/cell phones for the first and last hour of each day.

Meditate Whether this is done in the morning or evening, meditation allows us to be more present rather than focusing on the past (feelings of depression) or future (feelings of anxiety) Eckhart Tolle.

Move More Whether this is going to the gym, walking the dog or stretching, do something! That's better than nothing.

Eat Well Eat a balanced diet full of nutrient dense foods, meal prep for success!

Positive Affirmations Reading a positive affirmation each morning will start the day the right way.

Gratitude’s We have so much to be grateful for, even the small things (which I actually consider big) like being able to breathe and walk!

Personal Development When driving somewhere or commuting why not use this time to listen to a podcasts, audio or read a book.

Build Self Esteem We are all worthy, we can never build enough on our self-esteem levels.

Join a Group Become part of a sports team or interest group, our environment can have a massive effect on our journey; we can surround ourselves with positive inspiring people to fuel our fire.

Let Go of Negative People It’s ok to let go of what no longer serves us; we are the sum of the 5 people we spend the most time with. Naturally as we grow our social circle will change.

Accountability Partner/Mentor Find an accountability partner or support person to help you stay on track, someone that you admire who is just as driven/strong/if not more. The same goes for choosing gym buddies!

Ask for Help Professionals are there for a reason, if anyone is struggling in any areas of life seek out expertise to help.

Change Jobs I believe that we all have a calling in life, are we all passionate about our jobs, sadly majority of people are not. Clue - what is it that we all spend the most time talking about… We spend so much time at work so this can be a massive enabler/disabler. Trust me, I worked in a job I disliked for many years and once I left there was a positive flow where everything fell into place, new opportunities arose.

Do More of What You Enjoy What ever brings us the most enjoyment we should do more of, to lift us up, we deserve it!

Treat Yourself For some reason a lot of people put themselves last after caring for everyone else, STOP we all work so hard, doing something nice for ourselves every once and a while is not a crime.

Get Out in Nature There is something blissful about connecting with nature, observing it and breathing in the fresh air, get out amongst nature more often.

Travel I spent a decent amount of time backpacking around South America, which was a turning point; travel takes us away from our current situation and provides us with a bird’s eye view of our lives. The people we meet, the things we see, the experiences, it all has nothing to do with social status, wealth or possessions.

Relating these points back to what was raised initially, we all have an ideal body in mind that we would like to have, but we will struggle to sustain this once we reach our goal if we focus at a superficial level. The outside is a reflection of what is happening on the inside. 

I really didn't want this blog to be like every other self help article out there, so if I can leave you with a few points these are it:

We live in the information age, we have all the tools right in front of us, reading the information is one thing but taking action is another so stop avoiding the inevitable :).

I encourage you (especially my clients) to print this article out and tick off the 20 tips as you gradually implement some/if not all of them into your every day life, even if it is just one or two a week, it’s still something!

Please feel free to leave a comment or like and share this with people that would connect with it. 

Thanks for your attention and here’s to ! Jaime.

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