Updated: Nov 14, 2019


One word we tend to repeat a lot to our clients is the importance of consistency.

What does consistency mean?

The quality of achieving a level of performance which does not vary greatly in quality over time.

Generally what we see happen is people will start to get results, they will become complacent and will lay off what’s working, therefore the quality of the work they are putting in begins to vary over time.

E.g not eating as clean, not logging food, not preparing food, not training as hard, not doing the same amount of training sessions a week etc.

This is when plateaus start to happen, when really what we should be doing is following the exact same formula of what’s working until we naturally hit a plateau and need to tweak things.

When we don't follow the exact same formula that is working, it becomes hard to pin point what is working and what isn't, especially when there is so much information out there to distract us.

If we were to follow one main method of getting results with 90% commitment, the conclusion would be that we would achieve our goals! However, when we start comparing ourselves to others and what's working for them we get distracted from what is working for us as individuals.

There are so many arguments out there for and against certain ways of dieting or training, there are unqualified fitspo's out there posting what works for them, we are bombarded, what we suggest is picking your mentors and information wisely and sticking to one main nutrition or training approach for at least 4 weeks and giving it the most commitment you can.

Often we get impatient and frustrated with the journey and begin to self sabotage, perhaps we are looking at the next 4 weeks to a year and not beyond this, we forget how far we have already come or realistically how long it takes to undo any damage we have caused towards our bodies.

This is all a part of the journey, of course no body is perfect so there are going to be times where we come into road blocks that we need to get through, enjoy this, its only natural, never give up as you have the rest of your life ahead of you.

We all have our 'bad days', we become more aware of why these exist and become better at dealing with challenging moments, it's ok, there is no need for justification, let go and move on.

It takes 28 days approximately to create a new habit however it takes 21 months approximately to create a new lifestyle and so forth.

Take each day as it comes because every small step we take 7 days a week becomes a part of our over all commitment.

When moments of doubt about what we are doing creep in, come back to the basics and the outcome we are working towards to remove over thinking and being side tracked.

Ask yourself some fundamental questions to simplify your journey, and be honest with yourself.

Many feel that they 'eat clean' or 'eat pretty well' sure we are all at different points in our journey however a lot of people aren't eating whole foods and balanced meals, we would say only 10% of the time.

So I guess what we are asking here is that you review where you are currently at and the daily action you are taking?

And remember consistency is key.

Thanks for reading, Jaime.

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