Updated: Nov 14, 2019


One word we tend to repeat a lot to our clients is the importance of consistency.

What does consistency mean?

The quality of achieving a level of performance which does not vary greatly in quality over time.

Generally what we see happen is people will start to get results, they will become complacent and will lay off what’s working, therefore the quality of the work they are putting in begins to vary over time.

E.g not eating as clean, not logging food, not preparing food, not training as hard, not doing the same amount of training sessions a week etc.

This is when plateaus start to happen, when really what we should be doing is following the exact same formula of what’s working until we naturally hit a plateau and need to tweak things.

When we don't follow the exact same formula that is working, it becomes hard to pin point what is working and what isn't, especially when there is so much information out there to distract us.

If we were to follow one main method of getting results with 90% commitment, the conclusion would be that we would achieve our goals! However, when we start comparing ourselves to others and what&