Injury & Illness or Suppressed Emotions?

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Injury & Illness or Suppressed Emotions?

Do you get a sore lower back?

Constant migraines and head aches?

Get over a flu only to get sick again almost straight away? 

If we think about these questions on a deeper level, does the injury or illness usually follow a high, or after making a decision to pursuit something new?

Does it come at the most inconvenient time when there is something important happening that week or the week after?

We see this often in clients and more likely than not in the same clients over and over again.

1 rep max testing week comes around and they get injured or sick the week prior, or they are going incredibly with their eating and training regime only to end up bed ridden and unable to eat or train for a week due to the flu, is this all just a coincidence? We feel it's not.

If this is a form of self sabotage when things are going well in our lives, this means we must address the underlying issue, because this will only continue to pop up in different aspects of our lives preventing us from moving forward.

What we choose to resist, will persist.

We may be unhappy in a job or relationship, or we may have experienced some not so nice things as a child growing up, what ever it is and whether it exists in the past or this present moment we can recognise what we are feeling as red flags.

Other common things that may be coming up are:

- You or someone else is questioning your integrity, e.g. that you may be 'lying'.

- You may have broken an agreement you had with yourself or someone else and you are with holding this truth.

... know that the flow always wins.

In the book 'The Big Leap' - Gay Hendricks writes about the 3 Ps as a form of self sabotage: 

Punishment:  In that we may be punishing ourselves for something we have done, so the red flag here is to slow down and take note that our integrity is out of alignment;

Prevention and Protection: These 2 often occur together, when we fall sick or hurt ourselves, we are unconsciously trying to prevent ourselves from having to do something we don't really want to do or something we don't want to feel;

We understand that this isn't the easy road to take addressing emotions head on, hence why the same forms of self sabotage keep showing up, it seems easier to suffer in pain then to face our fears and step into the unknown.

If this is an occurrence where we are limiting ourselves, if we give it deeper thought and recognise this then the pain will disappear almost instantly.

This isn't always the case, that injury or illness has come from a limiting factor however it is worth exploring.

Things like lack of sleep and stress lower the immune and nervous systems, they set off the adrenal glands and we often end up injured or sick. Usually a lack of sleep or stress comes from anxiety, not being present and not going with the flow of what we are feeling, instead resisting this. Another thing we often see in clients and how their training session goes.

The intensity of the pain and suffering we feel will relate to how deeply we are allowing the situation to effect us,  or how much we really do need to address this, the more we dwell and focus on the negatives the worse we will feel.

If we do not allow sickness and pain in the body to pull us down to a point where we are spiralling to a deep dark place because we view this with awareness, then it won't effect us as severely.

A new age view of pain in the body directly correlates to the area in which we are feeling it, this is sometimes the case, other times there is a different spiritual meaning but a lot of these do relate to the human chakra system and where we are storing trapped energy.

Louise Hay has written about this topic along side other enlightened authors.

There are an array of different ways we can deal with trapped emotions depending on where we are at spiritually and how much personal development we have already completed.

One of the main ways of dealing with limiting factors such as the ones mentioned in this blog (only a few of many) is to raise our awareness and take deep diaphragm breathes through the feeling we are experiencing.

To process suppressed emotions, there are a number of Western approaches which are more rational or there are alternative therapies that are a bit more left field, it all depends on our level of openness and what our belief system is.

Which ever route we choose it will only work for us if we participate with 100% willingness to let go of what is and to grow.

Hoping that this read has provided some insight into what you may be experiencing, and how you can potentially break out of this vicious cycle, to allow you to train pain free and to chase your goals whether these be in the gym or in other parts of life.

Cheers, Jaime

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