Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you've just started with us it's only natural that you are going to have questions arise.

Hopefully our FAQs can help to answer some of these for you, if they don't or if you have more specific queries please reach out and we can chat about these in person.

What facilities are there?

We have toilet & shower facilities, a water cooler, pigeon holes to store belongings, a fridge to store food and drinks if required, car parks outside the gym and on the road.

Are kids welcome? 

Yes, however they are 100% your responsibility to be kept an eye on especially young ones, as our Coaches are focused on doing their job and not being baby sitters, we have a sitting area and toys in the office behind a baby gate for them to play with if required.

When do measurements occur?

For PT and Squad Training Clients they occur fortnightly and consist of a goals reassessment, progress photos, body weight and tape measurements and/or skin fold calliper measurements.

We will contact you directly when these are due, we recommend you do these in the morning fasted and prior to training.