Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: Apr 10

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you've just started with us it's only natural that you are going to have questions arise.

Hopefully our FAQs can help to answer some of these for you, if they don't or if you have more specific queries please reach out and we can chat about these in person.

What facilities are there?

We have toilet & shower facilities, a water cooler, pigeon holes to store belongings, a fridge to store food and drinks if required, car parks outside the gym and on the road.

Are kids welcome? 

Yes, however they are 100% your responsibility to be kept an eye on especially young ones, as our Coaches are focused on doing their job and not being baby sitters, we have a sitting area and toys in the office behind a baby gate for them to play with if required.

When do measurements occur?

For PT and Squad Training Clients they occur fortnightly and consist of a goals reassessment, progress photos, body weight and tape measurements and/or skin fold calliper measurements.

We will contact you directly when these are due, we recommend you do these in the morning fasted and prior to training.

I’m not too sure about my goals?

We have loads of blogs that you are able to access on our website about goal setting and over coming plateaus.

The main things to keep in mind are that a goal is best when it is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time bound.

It's great if you can make the goal more meaningful than solely about something like weight loss.

Other things that help when goal setting is choosing 1 to 2 small changes you could implement 90% of the time for a decent period of time.

Goal setting isn’t about making lots of big changes at once.

How long does it take to create a new habit?

Experts say it takes 60-90 days depending on the person, to create a new habit. This is why we recommend 12 weeks or longer as an initial commitment to your health, keep in mind how long you have been doing what youve currently been doing for, this could be your entire life, change doesn't happen over night.

This may take less or more time depending on the type of person you are and where you are at on your fitness journey.

The most important step in creating a new habit is focusing on the small things you do daily.

Other things that help are looking at your environment and support network, how you can make new habits easier to implement and how you can make the habits you want to change harder to continue.

Do I need any special lifting accessories?

Not at this stage, unless you have specifically joined us to train for a power lifting competition and are more intermediate - advanced.

Can I train if Im injured?

Most of the time yes, it’s important to keep the body moving to prevent further muscle wastage, our warm up is focused around preventing injury.

What is the warm up?

A Coach will take you through the warm up at your first session, you can also watch our video on youtube for a refresher on how this is done otherwise a Coach or client will happily help you out at your next few sessions.

Please arrive at least 10-15 minutes prior to a session commencing to allow time to complete this as it is an important part of the service we offer, to prevent injury and to turn on the correct muscle groups.

What if I’m a complete beginner?

No judgement, we were all beginners once, this is why we keep our client to coach ratio small so that we can focus on technique closely and meet individual needs.

How long does it start to see physical results?

As with many aspects of the journey this is individual and depends on the person and how long you have been doing certain habits to get to where you are today (this could be your whole life), however we say that it will take around 12 weeks for you and the others around you to start to see some form of physical changes to your body.

How do I log nutrition?

Add us on MyFitnessPal and share your diary with friends, you can log through there. We can help you to set some goals through there. Jaime also offers an additional nutrition coaching service for those wanting plans or extra accountability.

How often should I train?

It depends on your goals, many people over train initially as they are really excited however they cannot sustain this over time.

We would recommend starting out with a minimum of 3 training sessions with us a week and building from there.

Why do you prioritise weights over cardio in your programming?

Because resistance training changes body composition by increasing lean body mass whilst decreasing body fat, which helps with the after burn and metabolic health. Cardio especially long duration steady state can decrease lean body mass and eventually increase body fat levels due to stress. 

When it comes to cardio we would recommend HIIT style training for a shorter duration rather than long duration steady state cardio (low intensity).

How much food should I eat?

This is very individual and depends on your goals, we would recommend at least eating above your BMR (plus daily energy expenditure if possible) which we help you to figure out, however you can also check the links below.

Keep it simple and focus on eating more whole food and less processed food more frequently and across all days of the week.

BMR Calculation - Harris Benedict

BMR - Katch-McArdie

BMR =370 + (21.6 x Lean Body Mass)

Why should I eat above 1200 calories?

Because most people will have a BMR above this, under eating causes a fight or flight mode on the body, over time slows our metabolism, can lead to muscle wastage and increased body fat stores.

How much protein should I be eating? 

0.8-2grams per kg of lean body mass, the more active you are and the more muscle you hold, the more protein you will require.

Should I be avoiding carbs?

We do not recommend that anyone avoids any food groups as this is not a sustainable approach, again how many carbs you can tolerate is individual which we are happy to discuss with you. We recommend fuelling your body pre workout with carbs and aiding recovery post workout with carbs too.

Keep it really simple and try to move away from following fad diets.

I struggle with drinking and eating out on the weekend, any tips?

Minimise where possible the amount of meals out you eat or opt for better choices, the same goes for alcohol consumption choosing less drinks less often or swapping a fruity cocktail or a beer for a vodka lime soda or lower carb option will all help out.

We are here to support you on your journey and provide education to you where possible, know that you hold the key to being successful, therefore what you put in and how open minded you are to change will dictate what you get out of this.

Jaime & Josh :)

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