Eating and Training on Holiday

Eating and Training on Holiday

Leading into the 'festive season' we thought we would share a few tips on how you can stay on track to achieving your goals whilst on holiday, without blowing out and then struggling to get back into things once you return! 


- What is your intention around eating, will you stick to your healthy habits or take a bit of a break? Do you need guidelines from your Coach in advance? Communicate this to your travel buddies

- Set yourself some boundaries on what your negotiable and non negotiable's are, e.g. days of drinking alcohol and amount, meals with vegetables etc

- Without being too strict and taking the enjoyment out of your holiday experience know that you will have moments where 'your best' isn't as great as you would hope for it to be, this does not equal failure

- If you do get stuck, can you opt for a replenishing drink or snack and wait until a better opportunity arrises for a meal? You can also stock up on these things to take with you in your day pack

- Do a bit of research on the area and the eating places available

- Use your own internal instincts to guide you on hunger and take moments to enjoy and appreciate the food you eat

- It's not the end of the world if you do have some off days, you'll get back on track


You can follow the same rules as for eating

- Will you exercise and if so what kind of exercise will you do? E.g. gym, run, walk, hike, swim, surf, yoga. Do you need a program from your trainer? Communicate these to your travel buddies

- How many sessions are you wanting to do while your away and when? 

- Know that some days if you are wanting to hit the gym and if you don't get an opportunity to, thats ok, let go

- Research the area and see what sort of facilities and activities are available to you, make contact with any you need to in advance

- If your body wants to rest on holiday and take a break, thats ok and part of being on holiday

- It's not the end of the world if you don't make many exercise sessions, you'll get back on track

We hope that these tips help you to do your best while your away, to maintain some form of healthy habits.

Enjoy the time and try not to reprimand yourself! 

Thanks for reading,


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