Conscious Training & Nutrition

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Conscious Training & Nutrition

For some this may seem like a woo woo concept which is fine, however please try to be more open to how effective something like breathing more deeply can be for us.

We are so tense, we hyperventilate and take shallow breaths that only makes us more anxious and built up around our throats due to lack of communication, we encourage you to embrace deeper breathing to bring you back to a more present state.

So what does this have to do with training and nutrition ?

Nutrition We've written about emotional eating in the past and our knowledge seems to be constantly expanding on this topic so we will share some new insights.

When our Central Nervous System is over loaded from suppressing emotions our vibration lowers and we become more out of alignment with our selves, our awareness and consciousness weakens and we reach for things like processed foods, even if we know these foods arent beneficial to us.

What we can consider is asking ourselves when we feel like these foods, what is coming up for us?

We can then feel these emotions through focusing on breathing deeper and being present and allowing the emotion to surface, rather then trying to push them back down only to be re surfaced again down the track.

We see this in some of our clients, the ones that have the most 'stuff' to process struggle to achieve their goals and selfsabotage their eating and training constantly like clock work.

When we eat food we can also be thinking about where it's come from and the process to reach our plates, to respect the food we have access to.

It also takes a while for your pallet to change, for your body to become less acidic so that you crave healthier foods.

Training The same principal applies for training or doing anything good for your body!

The more built up you are emotionally, the less likely you are to do anything good for yourself, even though exercise actually helps you to feel better (you never regret a workout once your there smashing it!)

A note on training too is that; it's not just about going through the exercises mindlessly, the next level in achieving results is really taking a moment to think about which muscles you are trying to engage, if your mind is elsewhere you are probably not going to be focusing your attention on your workout.

Sometimes it may not be the best idea to train depending on how severely the emotion is effecting you, it may be better to sit and process this, however a lot of the time it's better to train as this releases endorphins and also helps you to become more present.

The environment in a gym can also lift your spirits.

Soooooo Not processing emotions is a form of self sabotage, staying in the mode of playing the victim and becoming addicted to the feeling of suffering, hence why people will stop doing things to improve their mood and help them feel better, it all becomes a downward spiral of not exercising or eating well to fuel the suffering.

What can you do to help this? As emotions come up, moments of resistance, rather than pushing them back down feel them, take some deep breaths and know that if you do this once you shouldn't have to do it again, re live the situation, love and release then reframe this to a more positive outlook.

Often experiences help us to grow, emotions do not identify us and aren't internal.

Consciousness in all that we do, will allow us to live a life that is more in alignment, meaning we will make decisions that are closer to our goals leading us ultimately to a better outcome.

Here's to a more conscious approach to training and nutrition.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate in contacting us.

Jaime Mackie

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