8 Tribe Fundamentals

Whether you are starting out in the gym, or you are an OG, these are some great reminders!

1. Make 3-4 sessions per week The excitement is real when starting out, however if we over commit too soon we may not be able to sustain this over time. Build up over time to the minimum effective dose of 3-4 sessions per week, then reassess.

2. Training Efficiency Train smart and train hard Especially when gaining strength, it is better to be able to give our all to each session than to over train and under perform.

3. Fuel the Tank Feeling sore and struggling to recover? Fatiguing during sessions? This could be newbie gains, or result if under eating. Eat to Nourish, Eat to Perform!

4. A Nutrition Approach For Life The best ‘diet’ is the one that we can manage 7 days a week, and sustain for the rest of our lives.

5. Manage Lifestyle Factors No doubt stress from various parts of life will have an impact on our health commitments, include behaviours that help to unwind and relax, and remember that exercise has many positive benefits so we can cope better.

6. Measure Progress & Gain Support Follow a training program, track the progress of this each session, keep body composition measurements, keep a food diary. Driving without a gps to a new location will only get us so far.

7. Plan Ahead & Organise The Week Book in training sessions in advance, set the time aside, prep food, make arrangements ahead of time to support the health journey.

8. Find Your WHY & Enjoy The Ride On days when life is challenging us, what is the burning reason and desire to keep us showing up? Find that WHY, then have fun daily, life can be too serious sometimes, exercise may become the highlight of our day!

Save this one for later, and smash out a training session for us today

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