8 Steps To Overcoming Self Sabotage

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

8 Steps To Overcoming Self Sabotage

Self sabotage: is when we aren't doing what we know we need to be doing in order to get the results that we want... this is something that we see often in our clients.

8 Steps To Overcoming Self Sabotage:

1. Acknowledging that you engage in self sabotage

2. Write out how you self sabotage, what do you do and where it came from 'conditioning'

(examples below)

3. Claim full responsibility and let go

Doing what ever we can to reprogram our thoughts

4. Planning responses, how to deal with challenging situations

Write these out

5. Share these with someone for accountability

So that they can hold you to this as it pops up

6. Tell yourself your worth the effort

Fill your cup 

7. Get out of the rut, self belief

Building up self love through self development

8. Positive reinforcement 

Is your mindset and environment supportive?

Overwhelm is self sabotage e.g. thinking that it involves force and effort to overcome challenging situations (over thinking and a negative point of view) Go back to your goals and work backwards by putting steps in place and keep it simple. 

Self Sabotage = Temporary Relief (suppressing emotions), but in the long term we need to put this a side to address underlying problems.

Reframe from reprimanding yourself because of your thoughts, be kind to yourself, it will take time and practice and you will go back to old ways however this is all part of the journey.

Examples of Self Sabotage (think of strategies):

- Comfort eating / unhealthy diet, for example we want to loose body fat but we may be binge eating which is counter productive

- Saying 'yes' when you really want to say 'no', to things that aren't aligned with us and put ourselves down the priority list

- Excessive drinking of alcohol on the weekend and not taking care of our bodies, again this is counterproductive 

- Not planning ahead, procrastination, like not making it to training and not meal prepping. 168 hours in a week, how are you choosing to spend this time?

- Insisting on your way, what you've done has gotten you to a certain point, but this may not serve the next level of your journey, is this holding you back?

- Being indecisive, because of avoiding the initial negative feeling of making a decision

- Avoiding getting a handle on finances, this is a huge one that people don't often speak about we become addicted to feeling like a victim of our situation and suffering rather than feeling good, how are you viewing the money you receive and how this is invested?

- Taking a pessimistic approach to life, being negative and worrying about worst case scenarios

Use the 8 steps we have mentioned above to aid yourself in taking a different approach.

Let us know how you get on!

Thanks for reading,


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