#5 Tips To Simplify Goal Setting

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Goal setting can seem like one of those tasks that are easier to shove in the too hard basket, instead you can break the task down and work backwards from your long term goals it suddenly seems like a more achievable task to complete.

These 5 Tips can be used for any form of goal setting, as personal trainers this blog will be more skewed towards health and lifestyle goals.

1) What is your 'WHY'? You need to dig deeper.

A great source to look up is Simon Sinek's TED Talk called Start With Why.

You have your:




Often we know how to go about creating change in our lives, we  also know what specifically needs to change, however when you think about why the how and the what needs to happen this is an area where most people will get stuck.

Focusing on external and superficial goals will only serve you short term in comparison to having a compelling and emotional reason as to why you want to achieve all that you do.

For example: If I said to you that your families lives were in jeopardy and the only way you could save them is to go to the gym 6 days a week and eat clean 90% of the time for 3 months straight I'm sure 99% of people would be able to commit to this.

2) Set a Long Term goal and create a vision board

This big an visualise your goal, think about how it would feel to achieve this! Visualisation makes achieving the goal seem more realistic.

If you set a big goal you are likely to achieve more than if you set an easily achievable goal, its just human nature.

For example: If I gave you 1 week as a due date for an assignment vs 2 weeks, you would get onto the assignment right away. Where as if I gave you 2 weeks you would most likely procrastinate and not do anything until the second week.

Start by setting a 12 month goal.

S - Specific

M - Measurable 

A - Attainable / Agreed Upon

R - Relevant (we do not like the word 'Realistic as it limits your imagination)

T - Time Bound

3) Break it down

Break your long term goal down into smaller goals that are medium and short term by working backwards.

  • 12 month goal

  • 6 month goal

  • 3 month goal

  • Monthly goal

  • Weekly goal

  • Daily goal

4) Take daily consistent action and continue NO MATTER WHAT!

  • If you do not take steps towards achieving your goals daily then you will not be getting any closer. IF you have a compelling why around the reasons you are taking these steps then you will continue no matter how long it takes.

  • Plan out your daily routine.

  • What will you do to grow your mind set e.g. listen to podcasts and meditate daily

  • Write down your gratitudes every day to keep you grounded

  • Plan out the days of the week you will train in advance

  • Plan out your nutrition for the week including shopping and meal preparation days

  • Make sure you reflect daily and weekly on areas you could have done better, or to recognise things you aced!

5) What do you need to change to facilitate this goal? 

  • How can you whole heartedly commit to supporting your goal? Be honest here.

  • List distractions and excuses and how to combat these

  • Who is in your circle of influence?

  • What obstacles may come up for you and how will you address these? 

  • Who is on your support team?

  • Are you prone to self-sabotage and how can you raise your awareness of your triggers, do you need to journal on this?

  • Let go of once was

  • Do not compare your journey to others

  • Do not let things slip on the weekends, healthy habits aren't just a Monday to Friday thing

We hope that these 5 Tips have helped you to simplify the goal setting process, we understand that this can be over whelming at times but the best thing you can do is take action :).

All the best and if you have any queries please o not hesitate to contact us.


Jaime and Josh

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